RealSender (EUR) prices

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Email “from”
Yearly traffic
usage (GB)
Yearly fee (EUR)
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Weekly limit
(emails that can be sent)
RealSender 5 5 12 190 € up to 5,000
RealSender 10 10 16 240 € up to 10,000
RealSender 25 25 28 390 € up to 10,000
RealSender 50x2 50 50 620 € up to 10,000
RealSender 100x2 100 100 990 € up to 10,000

x2 = the messages will be sent through two dedicated smtp servers, in different datacenters:
if one stops working or can not be reached, the other will continue relaying your messages

on “email from addresses” and “yearly traffic” we have +40% tolerance limit
when the limit is exceeded you will be contacted to perform the upgrade

1 GB traffic is generated sending approx. 100,000 emails of 10 KB each
more email “from” addresses or more traffic: please contact us

RealSender has a zero tolerance for SPAM (unsolicited email advertising). Customers sending out unsolicited commercial email or prohibited advertising or other harassing or illegal materials through email, will be subject to immediate account termination without any refund.

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