modern webmail client


RealSender sos email:

a web-based email client

It sends messages from your corporate email address
wherever you are, directly from a web page.

A copy of each message sent, will be sent in bcc
to your standard mailbox (the From address).

a modern webmail app

The application is based on the Snappymail project.

Snappymail is a recent Rainloop fork: a simple, modern, lightweight & fast web-based email client.
It can handle large number of email accounts without the need of any database connectivity.
It holds both SMTP and IMAP protocols to easily send/receive emails without any trouble.

In 2020, the SnappyMail Github project has been initially published and then constantly updated.
It is the drastically upgraded & secured fork of RainLoop Webmail Community edition.
Here is the SnappyMail email client demo.

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