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RealSender “postmaster” app is a modern mailing list and newsletter manager.
It works with multiple lists. It provides automatic subscriptions/unsubscriptions,
links tracking for analytics and bounce management.

It is based on the young and popular open source project called “listmonk”.

RealSender “postmaster” app runs on a reliable and secure environment,
with automated backups and the ability to quickly restore the saved data.

Managing Lists

the lists can be Public or Private

private and public lists

Importing Subscribers

requires a simple CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, with email address and name

import subscribers

Example raw CSV

email,name,"User One","User Two"

Sending Campaigns

  1. press the “Send campaign” button on your list
    send campaign
  2. fill in the “New campaign” form
    if you want to schedule the mailing, activate the “Send later” option

    new campaign
  3. enter the “Content”
    as “Rich text”, “Raw HTML” (to paste the html code that was created outside),
    “Markdown” or “Plain text” (for text-only messages)
  4. [Save] the changes or [Start] sending the campaign
    start campaign

Checking Results