digitally signed messages

Identity check

To defend from email abuse, more and more email servers
check the sender’s identity before delivering the message.

Sending emails without RealSender, your recipients can’t be sure
that the message received was generated by you.

Sending emails using RealSender, all the messages you send
are digitally signed, so that the recipients can trust them.

Sender authentication

There are two standards to check the sender’s identity: SPF and DKIM.
RealSender offers both of them

RealSender also provides:

smtp servers with dedicated ip
each customer receives a dedicated IP address the IP address is monitored daily over 60+ blacklists

secure smtp autentication
the server accepts only messages sent with SMTP authenticated over secure connection
using TLS or SSL (the communications are encrypted using a dedicated digital certificate)

sender’s address check
the server accepts only the sending of messages from senders that have been configured and authorized

full email authentication
all messages sent through the server are authenticated using the standard protocols: SPF and DKIM

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