how to send and limit BCC EMAILS

How to send and limit Bcc emails in 2021?

“Cc” means “Carbon Copy” in the (old) sense of making a copy
on a typewriter using carbon paper.

The “Bcc:” field in emails (where the “Bcc” means “Blind Carbon Copy”)
contains addresses of recipients of the message
whose addresses are not to be revealed to other recipients of the message.
- - IETF rfc 2822 “Internet Message Format”

The difference between Bcc and Cc lies in the privacy of the recipient.
Using the Cc feature, the email addresses in the Cc field
are visible to all the recipients of the email.

A Bcc recipient can see the direct recipient (To:),
he won’t be able to tell who else was Bcc’d in the email.

Bcc is often seen as an easy-to-use mass email distribution system.
Below is a brief analysis of the pros and cons of using Bcc.
At the end of the page, the conclusions with some suggestions.


It’s easy: anyone can use it.

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Email is an outgoing gateway without prior checking.
Bcc increases its reach to hundreds or thousands of contacts.

Bcc should be considered a high risk,
potentially dangerous communication tool.

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1) Set the Limits

2) Go Professional

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