sms to http example

To receive SMS messages directly in your mailbox
Teltonika routers offer the “SMS Forwarding To HTTP Configuration” option.

You can find it within the Teltonika WebUI: Services > Mobile Utilities > SMS Gateway.
!! The recipient’s domain ( must be pre-authorized by RealSender !!

Number value name: email

Method: Post

Message value name: message
Extra data pair 1:  recipient |
Extra data pair 2:  subject   | Text-Message

SMS Forwarding To HTTP Configuration

Option 1 - using MOBILE DATA

!! A 4G (LTE) connection is required to work properly with RealSender !!
You can setup it up inside Teltonika WebUI: Network > Mobile > SIM card settings

Network type: 4G (LTE) only

Mobile SIM card settings 4G (LTE) only

Option 2 - using LAN GATEWAY DATA

You can set the internet gateway to go through your LAN.
Teltonika WebUI: Network > LAN > NETWORK INTERFACES > [edit]

Network interfaces - LAN

Just configure the IPv4 gateway and the DNS servers
see the example below (modify it with your own parameters):

IPv4 gateway:
DNS servers:     !! mandatory !!

The Mobile Data Connection can be disabled in a few ways, see: Disable Mobile Data.
When mobile data is disabled, SMS messaging remains operational.

The easiest way to Disable Mobile Data, is to TEXT to the mobile number: <router_password> mobileoff
You can check the changes in the same way, using the “status” command: <router_password> status

Example of email message received
Subject: Text-Message (+41790000000)

Below is the received text message.  It was submitted by
 (+41790000000) on Monday, June 26, 2023 at 08:31:29 CEST

Test Message