email client settings

To start using RealSender:

  1. Request a free trial account

  2. Change the settings of the outgoing mail (SMTP) within your email client:
    Outlook - Outlook 2007 - Outlook 2013 2016 - Mac OS/X Mail - Thunderbird - Zimbra Desktop

    Your’s not in the list above? Contact us!

    Visit the “Email Server” area if you use a centralized email system.
    Check our “Newsletter software” area if you plan to send mass mailings.

  3. Change your domain’s settings to authenticate the sent messages with SPF
    (this is generally done after the trial period)

    • Why? If you wish to have email from your domain sent through a third party service,
      you must configure your SPF record to permit delivery from the service provider’s IP addresses.
      If you don’t do this, then you risk having email receivers reject all email sent from your domain.

    • Setting up the RealSender SPF record is easy:
      all you have to do is add to your SPF record, and you’re done.

We automatically sign emails with DKIM, so you don’t need to do anything else.

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