Office 365

Office 365

office 365 - sign in

Microsoft Office 365 Admin center

office 365 - admin

Left-menu > Admin

office 365 - show all

Microsoft 365 admin center > … Show all

office 365 - admin centers - exchange

Microsoft 365 admin center > Admin centers > Exchange

office 365 - mail flow > connectors

Exchange admin center > Mail flow > Connectors

office 365 - add a connector

Connectors > Add a connector

New connector

office 365 - new connector

Connection from: [x] Office 365  
Connection to:   [x] Partner organization


Connector name

office 365 - connector name

This connector enforces routing and security restritions for email messages sent 
from Office 365 to your partner organization or service provider.
Name: RealSender
What do you want to do after connector is saved?
[x] Turn it on


Use of connector

office 365 - use of connector

Specify when you want to use this connector.
[x] Only when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this connector



office 365 - routing

How do you want to route email messages?
Specify one or more smart hosts to which Office 365 will deliver email messages. 
A smart host is an alternative server and can be identified by using a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or an IP address.
[x] Route email through these smart host   [+]


Security restrictions

office 365 - security restrictions

How should Office 365 connect to your partner organization's email server?
[x] Always use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the connection (recommended)
    Connect only if the recipient's email server certificate matches this criteria
    [x] Issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA)


Validation email

office 365 - validation email

Specify an email address for an active mailbox that's on your partner domain. 
You can add multiple addresses if your partner organization has more than one domain. [+]

Validation successful

office 365 - validation successful

    Validation in progress...
    Validation successful
    >   Task                                            Status
    >   Check connectivity to ''    Succeeded
    >   Send test email                                 Succeeded


Review connector

office 365 - review connector

Mail flow scenario
From: Office 365
To: Partner organization

Turn it on after saving

Use of connector
Use only when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this connector.

Route email messages through these smart hosts: ‎‎

Security restrictions
Always use Transport Layer Security ‎(TLS)‎ and connect only if the recipient’s 
email server certificate is issued by a trusted certificate authority ‎(CA)‎.

[Create connector]