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Thunderbird - Outgoing Server  - Add

Outgoing Server (SMTP) > [Add…]

Thunderbird - SMTP Server


Description: RealSender
Server Name:
Port: 587

Security and Authentication

Connection security: STARTTLS
Authentication method: Normal password
User Name: (the one we sent you)


Thunderbird - Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings

RealSender > [Set Default]

Thunderbird - Outgoing Server (SMTP)

Account settings
(select you email account on the tree at the left side)

Outgoing Server (SMTP): RealSender


Thunderbird - Outgoing Server (SMTP) Password Required

The first time you send a message

Outgoing Server (SMTP) Password Required

Enter your password for…: (the one we sent you)

[x] Use Password Manager to remember this password