what is considered SPAM

What users and mail servers qualify as spam emails in 2021.

Starting from our experience with RealSender,
we have tried to summarize the main points that could affect inbox delivery in 2021.

It is useless to evaluate the other points
if the messages are not expected/desired by their recipients.

USERS reactions

The sender should put himself in the recipient’s shoes, trying to figure out how an email message will be treated.
User complaints can lead to the blacklisting of the entire smtp server or of the domain name, affecting the delivery of all future messages.

Basic technical settings are required to get email messages accepted.

IP address and IP class reputation

correct smtp server SETUP


Use email authentication methods, such as SPF and DKIM, to prove that your emails and your domain name belong together.
The nice side-effect is you help in preventing that your email domain is spoofed.


The only surefire way to see if an email is classified as spam is to…
send it, and see how it shows up on the other side.

TRY and see what happens