smtp with dedicated IP address

dedicated smtp IP address

The “Internet Protocol address” or “IP address”
is similar to a telephone number on your home phone or mobile device.

It is personally identifiable information that is automatically captured
by another computer when any communications link is made over the Internet.
No other device on the Internet will have the same IP address.
This is necessary for a device to communicate with another.

“Dedicated” IP addresses are important for sending email messages
because their reputation has a strong impact on being accepted or not.

Using “shared” IP addresses for business communications
is like sending each time a different sales representative to the same customer.
Not knowing him, the recipient will treat him with suspicion.
In extreme cases, if the same seller offers different products every day,
it is very likely that he will no longer be accepted the next time he knocks on the door.

Most SMTP services on the internet provide “shared” IP addresses to their customers.
Each time you send an email, a different IP address is assigned.
Something similar happens with cloud hosting providers, who offer services on a “per minute” basis.
In this case, they give one or more “temporarily assigned” IP addresses.

Since its inception in 2009, RealSender has decided to offer only SMTP servers with “dedicated” IPs.
This means that each customer receives an IP address that will not change over time.
Linking it to the corporate domain name via email authentication, will make both of them more authoritative.

If your communications are consistent and expected,
little by little they will be recognized by the recipients, who will award them a higher reputation.
This trust can reach high levels, so that all-transmitted communications
they will be automatically accepted and considered Important or High Priority.

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