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Send SMS from your emails

Push notifications are the most effective way to reach your customers quickly.
With super high open rates (up to 95%) and top response rates (up to 45%).
- - source: Gartner study on Text Messages, year 2019

Broaden your perspectives. Connect your emails to the mobile world.
Maximize your business communication possibilities, without changing your habits.

RealSender’s secure mobile gateway lets you send SMS text messages directly from your EMAIL

Subject:   the SMS message content

(additional email content and attachments are ignored)

The setup requires a Twilio account with a phone number.

Work peacefully

To avoid abuse, by misrepresenting a sender’s identity (spoofing),
messages must be sent via RealSender, using pre-authorized senders,
with the SPF and DKIM “strict” alignment.

To learn more about it: <spf> strict alignment and <dkim> strict alignment.
We will help you set it up. Most of the authentication work is done on our part,
you will only be asked to make some changes to a few DNS records of the domain.

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