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Send SMS from your email

Push notifications are the most effective way to reach your customers quickly.
With super high open rates (up to 95%) and top response rates (up to 45%).
- - source: Gartner study on Text Messages, year 2019

Subject:   the SMS message content

(additional email content and attachments are ignored)

Setup requires a Teltonika industrial router and a SIM from your mobile operator.
Our staff or one of our partners can provide you with the details and help you with the settings.

Control over the sending and delivery of text messages must be carried out via the operator used.
Our system checks every ten minutes that the router is responding (check power and internet connection).

To avoid abuses, which can happen by forging the sender’s identity (spoofing),
messages must be sent via RealSender, using pre-authorized senders,
with the SPF and DKIM “strict” alignment. Learn more on email authentication - advanced.

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Reply to SMS from your email

RealSender’s “smsgateway” app lets you send SMS text messages directly from your EMAIL.

The text message received will be delivered directly to your preferred mailbox,
with an email message like this:

Subject: Text-Message (+41790000000)

Below is the received text message.  It was submitted by
 (+41790000000) on Monday, July 29, 2023 at 10:57:00 CEST

Test Message


So you can reply from your favorite email application.
The recipient address is already filled with the original sender number:

Subject:   the content of the reply SMS message

(additional email content and attachments are ignored)

The conversation between email application and mobile device can thus continue.

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Just write “[A]” in the text and add an attachment to the email.
The “smsgateway” app will automatically convert it into a link.

The domain in the link can be any dedicated domain or subdomain you wish to use.
The file will be DELETED after twelve months.

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