about us

During the years 2006-2009 our founder experienced a deep introspection.
He took part at psychological analisys, mutual aid groups and seminars lead by “Don Michele Barban”,
a person who dedicated his life helping people with addictions and their families to re-build their life.

During one of these seminars Don Barban said: “try to understand what you really want”.
Our founder’s answer: “I want to build something on my own”.
That was the beginning of RealSender.

After managing for more than ten years a German mass mailing platform,
he knew the importance of the smtp server reputation.
There was only one way to guarantee it: one smtp server for each customer.

Our mantra: "we deliver your emails".
We work hard for it every day.

Providing a reliable, constantly monitored environment.

Giving you full control and the awareness of the outgoing emails,
so that the recipients will receive and trust your messages.

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