a quick recap until May 2022

It’s been a long time since I last wrote here,
the last post was in early June 2021.

To start again, let’s make a summary of the main events
that took place in this period.

Under pressure from a client who needed a newsletter platform,
much more sophisticated than what copymail could offer,
I chose a mailing list manager and set up the “postmaster app” within the RealSender offer.

During the summer, until the end of the year, there were several issues with Cloudmark,
a well-known antispam service, which is mainly based on the reactions of recipients.
They started giving more emphasis on bounced messages,
considering sending to wrong addresses as “spammer behavior”.

In the fall, I published an article explaining how the handling of bounced messages should work.
By the end of the year, the “bouncehandler app” was up and running.
Once activated, an “email suppression list” acts before messages reach the recipient’s mailbox.

The new year started with the aim of simplifying the commercial offer:
a single brand (RealSender) with few by-products (called “apps”).
SpamStop and DoubleBackup became spamstop app and doublebackup app.
Other projects such as “statusboard” and “sos email app” have been abandoned.

Spring brought a further step of consolidation in marketing:
» the services “tester for SPF and DKIM” and “enigma secure email” are now part of “(free) postmaster tools
» EmailTrends news and blog have been moved to the RealSender website as “email trends” and “travel journal