EmailTrends newsletter 05/21

Last week, after working on it for a few days, I sent out the monthly newsletter:

After blacklisting, the customer support of a major anti-spam service often
replies: “please audit your list hygiene to ensure recipients interest in
your mailings”.

“list hygiene” and “recipients interest” have many facets
both on the MACHINE side and on the HUMAN side.

Good technical management is not enough.
“BE RELEVANT” is a slogan used a few years ago in email marketing.

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HighSender is one email gateway to multiple dedicated smtp servers
relays over 2 to 24 servers, automatically balanced
it can send up to 240,000 emails per week
(generally used for newsletters / mass mailings)

Try it out:

It all started with a customer’s request:

we are rethinking our newsletter communication and, specifically, we would need:
- being able to independently manage different mailing lists 
  (to send each newsletter to a specific target)
- track the opening and reading of newsletters
- possibly integrate the software to create the newsletters in the same system

Do you have any offer for such a package? 

After checking that they were using Wordpress for their website (via,
I’ve initially suggested Mailster (ex MyMail) plugin.
One of our partners had been using it successfully for some years

Then I reviewed the Wordpress plugins. I told them what I would invest in is “MailPoet”,
which since the end of 2020 is part of the companies connected to Automattic (the parent company of Wordpress).
It looks very well done and contains the functions requested by the customer.

By choosing the “I just want the Premium with no sending” option,
the customer can continue to use RealSender,
combining it with a third level domain to manage bounces.
In this case, the bounce handler plugin must also be installed.