EmailTrends newsletter 10/20

The third issue of the monthly newsletter has been sent
on October 20 at 08:00 (cet), you can read it here.

September 2020 “email traffic statistics” according to SenderBase:
about *85%* is Spam, only 15% are Legitimate emails.

We tried to summarize the best techniques to protect your business inbox:


One of the two basic rules in “spam prevention” is:
“don’t publish your email address online, use secure* web forms instead”
* = protected by robots that fill them automatically

We activated a simple web service,
to provide all customers who need them, with short contact forms
like this one:

And an associated email address, such as:
it bounces every message, providing the sender with a link to the web form.

By filling out the form you will receive your contact page,
personalized and spam-free.

After writing the news article at the end of September,
I found very interesting the “Spam prevention” suggestion
to restrict the availability of our email addresses: