email whiteboard - 1

This week I’ve started a new side project,
something not directly related with EmailTrends.

In Italy we’re living the days of corona virus diffusion.
Hopefully this will stop soon.
Here’s a report from an Italian doctor which is really sad, and scary:
when the message of the dangerousness of what is happening does not reach people I shudder

It’s a long time that I’m thinking at a local service for the community.
Not to make money, something with the only aim to help.
Maybe this is the right time.

I’ve prepared a prototype of a very simple whiteboard,
something similar to a Twitter account for each town,
where people can easily post to ask and offer help.

The two technologies used are:
- doublebackup, to display the messages
- jqueryform to publish the message

I plan to publish it the next week.

Maybe the whiteborad could be used in other contexts.
This is something I’ll think at later on.