bcc email archive

The last week I’ve changed DoubleBackup’s category
from: easy email archive
to: bcc email archive

The category choice is an important step in brand positioning,
something on which companies invest, so that their name
ranks first on customers’ minds.

“bcc email archive” is more specific,
it well describes the offer, as our other categories already do:
RealSender - dedicated smtp server
SpamStop - mx spam filter

Starting from yesterday we also have three “short names”
to reach our websites:
rs.email for realsender.com
ss.email for spamstop.com
db.email for doublebackup.com

It’s better not to use acronyms for product names,
because they’re too difficult to remember,
so they won’t be advertised.

I use them as a short-cut to the websites and I appreciate their task.

“db.email” was my first ever two letters domain, it has been registered on 2015.
The last week “ss.email” was dropped and caught by a drop-catch service.
On Sunday I decided to buy “rs.email”. It was free, but it’s a premium, overpriced domain.