EmailTrends newsletter 09/20

The second issue of the monthly newsletter has been sent
on Septemper 20 at 08:00 (cet), you can read it below.

It is about email authentication and the importance of setting
at least SPF, even better with DKIM* and DMARC.

* = with the signing domain aligned with the From email address

How important it is that the email messages are authenticated
correctly with SPF, DKIM or DMARC?

We’ve tested how email authentication affects the delivery to Google Mail
and Office 365 mailboxes, the most popular business emails providers:


RealSender offers an online check tool
to validate your SPF settings sending an email message:

  1. send an email to
  2. check online the SPF validation results
    (it will take a minute to appear)

During verification, a prefix is added to the subject
if the message is not authenticated correctly:

The second part of the message explains how to use
RealSender’s spf online check.

I’m proud of the first feedback received so far:
“Helpful! – Gabriele”

The recipients include approx. fifty more contacts from my old job at Inxmail.
I’ve used two tips to help them recognize who is writing them:
- the From address is my personal email, with name and surname
- the first two lines of the message refer to Inxmail and explain how to unsubscribe:

You receive this email because we met through Inxmail;
if you don't want it, simply reply to this message.