EmailTrends newsletter 11/22

This article was published in June 2023, many months after it was submitted.
I don’t remember much of the preparation, except:

  1. . the motivation, linked to the strong importance of the “SMS” (Agile Telecom) part of Growens (formerly Mailup),
    a company listed on the Milan stock exchange. The area accounts for more than 50% of 2022 turnover and profits
    source: Growens press release approval of the 2022 financial statements

  2. the fantastic insights into the texting market, by Natalie Schwab
    when she worked for Zipwhip, a company acquired by Twilio in July 2021

Why are SMS text messages used by businesses in 2022?

Getting someone to read an important email (or even getting them on a phone
call) is becoming more and more difficult.

58% of consumers say that texting is the most effective way for businesses
to reach them quickly.

One of the five good reasons to text: open rates exceed the 95% threshold
(of this 95%, 90% occur within three minutes of delivery).

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Connect your emails to the mobile world. Maximize your business
communication possibilities, without changing your habits.

RealSender’s secure mobile gateway lets you send SMS text messages directly
from your EMAIL, protected from abuse.

Subject: the SMS message content
(additional email content and attachments are ignored)

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I received only one feedback:
“Nice service Andrea. If you could do it for whatsapp it would be the best!!”

My answer:
“Thanks Domenico, I personally don’t appreciate Whatsapp
(closed environment, owned by Facebook/Meta), even if it is widespread.
Text messages have many limitations but they are not controlled by a single operator.
I’ll let you know if there is any news.”

I understand the diffusion and increasing importance of Whatsapp, even for companies.
Unfortunately it is a closed environment, owned by Facebook (now Meta).
A sector in which I do not want to invest in or support.

I prefer to invite to spend on SMS,
that although they are managed by mobile phone operators,
follow common rules and are not administered by a single company.