easy email archiving

DoubleBackup now has a task:
“we simplify email archiving”.

They may seem just words with no real meaning
but in my experience it is something that remains along the years
and guides me remembering the path to follow,
like the north direction in a compass.


This post has been changed ten days after its original publication,
the title remained the same.

At the beginning I defined the sentence as a mantra.
Later I’ve found that a mantra is something different,
less physical/material and more spiritual/philosophical,
something that is related with my inner motivation.

“A mantra is only two or three words long
[…] everybody can understand it […]
[…] sit there and think about why do you exist?
why do you do this? what are you trying to do? […]
[…] Think about it in very very brief terms
Think about it in a way that if somebody heard your mantra
and not know which company described,
they could put two and two together.
It has to be logical. It has to be short. […]”
– Making a mantra - The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki