new website

This week I had to decide whether to focus
on one product only (DoubleBackup)
or to promote all the three services:
RealSender, SpamStop and DoubleBackup.

Pushing three different products is ambitious,
because it needs a lot more resources.
It is more difficult too,
because of the “brand extension”
and the risk to lose the “specialist” advantage.

I’ll even add one more brand, targeted to the partners only:
EmailTrends, postmaster tools for IT service providers.
The three services represent the offer portfolio
of this partners oriented company,
that will help the IT pros to “regain email control”.

The website will continue to host this blog space,
more officially within the new project vision.

In my plans there will be a development part too,
aimed to support the partners with a backoffice area,
that will help them to manage the services they bought.

Time will tell if this was the right path,
I’m confident it’s so.