EmailTrends news #6

Writing the monthly news is always challenging.
At first, I feel like I’m wasting my time getting nothing,
then gradually something takes shape.

Two things happened before the October EmailTrends news issue:

  1. I’ve better defined the contents of the monthly newsletter:
    the news will be the first part, the second part will be linked to the first,
    explaining a service I offer that solves one aspect of the problem

  2. I listened to Nylas story on the Indie Hackers #070 podcast,
    I was impressed that they started with two products and ended up abandoning the first one.

    Last year I worked on DoubleBackup but there was little interest in this service,
    now I have decided to keep it only within the two main offerings: RealSender and SpamStop.

    After a few changes on the websites,
    I immediately started feeling better like I was lighter and more agile.
    “The company history page” also makes more sense: 2009 Realsender, 2019 SpamStop.

The news of the month is about work email and privacy.
It was inspired by an Italian podcast, I listened to over the past year,
explained how an employer should handle the mailboxes of his employees.

The mailbox was compared to the company car, it is made available to the employee for use within the business tasks. You can check the car but you cannot monitor everything that happens inside it.

Here is the link: 2020 work email and privacy
(employee emails in 2020: can they be read? can they be backed up? can they be archived?)

The idea is to publish it in the next issue of the newsletter,
along with a brief description of the (now) sub-product DoubleBackup.
In the next few weeks I need to work on it a bit to better explain how it works.