email whiteboard - 2

I like the weekly target of Monday evening
to ship something and publish this blog post.
It avoids me to spend too much time on a new project.

Email whiteboard is very easy and works fine.
During the last week I succeeded in:
- authenticating users with a text message (sms)
- having the same environment for multiple instances
I’m satisfied with these achievements.

What I’m NOT satisfied with is:
- not having shipped the “local service for the community”

The original idea was to provide “a Twitter account for each town,
where people can easily post to ask and offer help”.

It proved too complex to accomplish.
Especially the idea to start immediately with all towns of Italy
(we have approx. 7000 municipalities!).

I have to think on how to make this experience fruitful.
The original motivation was my daughter’s request
to offer repetitions to local students.
Nothing to do with b2b and email …