EmailTrends news #2

The slogan behind this monthly appointment:
Ideas and news (from people and companies) that share our main value:
“regain email control”

The second EmailTrends news issue is a research to find out the most used email providers:
Which are the most popular email providers in 2020

The results should be widely known: Google and Microsoft rule the email world.
They probably don’t share our core value,
but they largely influence all the other operators have to deal with these giants.

In B2B
this monopoly is even more evident, pushed by the continuous switch to “Cloud Office Suites”,
an area in which two companies own more than 90% of the market share.
It depends on the countries but on a global level the division between the two is “fairly balanced”.

In B2C
Gmail wins alone, with an average 40% of the free emails market share, in nearly all the countries.
Hotmail comes second at a long distance and not in all the countries.
Yahoo is the third.
Local operators come after it and they are rarely mentioned.

The only exceptions where Gmail isn’t the leader are:
China, with NetEase ( and Russia, with

Read the full report here:
Which are the most popular email providers in 2020