EmailTrends newsletter 01/21

After a long and troubled preparation,
I have sent the sixth issue of the monthly newsletter.

In the last days of December, a former partner asked me to try RealSender.
He works in I.T. services, so I assumed they knew about spam.

Was I wrong, or they ignored it. They started sending an “invitation to the test”
to thousands of prospects in the tourism business.

The mailing caused a large number of “too many messages, slow down” warnings in the logs.
I checked the messages in the mail queue, to verify the content of the emails being sent
and immediately after I blocked them.

My next thought was that the sermons against spam are never enough,
“repetita iuvant” (repeating does good), as the ancient Latins said.

This is the last newsletter:

We have tried to summarize the main points
that could affect inbox delivery in 2021:

They’re divided into three areas:
- user reactions
- technical points
- try and see what happens

The first is the most important.
It is useless to evaluate the other points
if the messages are not expected/desired by their recipients.


“Dedicated” IP addresses are significant for relationships on the Internet
because their reputation has a strong impact on being accepted or not.

RealSender provides “dedicated” IP, reliable and constantly monitored SMTP: