webform via email

This week’s target has been a troubled journey.

After publishing your email address on a website,
this becomes public and it is the first target of the “spambots”.
My initial idea was an easy alternative to mailto: links, to hide the email.

I’ve tried to setup a dedicated mailbox, which would receive
all emails from one-time visitors and unknown senders.
But it’s an additional email address to check,
also, it will soon be full of junk messages.

The only way to go is to follow the “spam prevention” tip
which was published in the news last week:

don’t publish your email address online
to get contacted online, use secure* web forms / contact forms

* = protected by robots that fill them automatically
-- https://emailtrends.com/news/2020-protect-emails-from-spam/

The idea is to offer:

I hope I can show something next week.