EmailTrends newsletter 08/20

After having worked for more than ten years in email marketing,
I’ve finally decided to start a monthly newsletter.

The target is to build loyalty with the customers and the partners,
together with the promotion our new “umbrella brand”: EmailTrends.

This is the first issue, that has been sent out today at 08:00 (cet):

To monitor email deliverability, it is important to know which email
providers your recipients are using.

We made a research to let you know which are the top three email providers
in twenty-five different countries:


Sending harmful attachments is a big risk to your reputation,
it may even require you to submit a self public complaint.

The “stop bad attachments” option blocks all potentially harmful
attachments, except some safe extensions that you can define, like pdf,
txt, gif, jpg and png:

The message is divided into two parts,
the first with a piece of news, taken from,
the second with a blog post, taken from

Since the “news” and the “blog” areas are updated regularly,
there should always be new materials to choose from
the more valuables ones for customers and partners.