EmailTrends news #3

The latest news update article is about DKIM domain alignment:
2020 dkim domain alignment for dmarc
(how DKIM domain alignment affects DMARC authentication in 2020)

It is a little “study” on the alignment importance
of the DKIM signing domain (
to pass the DMARC check.

Three months ago I launched the “” project,
see: EmailTrends news #1

It’s hard to delve into a specific topic to write a valuable post.
Each time in the beginning I only have a confused idea.
Gradually, something worth publishing online takes shape.

I’ve decided to make two small changes to this project:

  1. change the motivation
    from: Ideas and news (from people and companies) that share our main value: “regain email control”
    to: Ideas and news to “regain email control”

  2. change the website address
    from: the subdomain
    to: a folder of the main website: