EmailTrends newsletter 12/20

Yesterday I sent the fifth issue of the monthly newsletter:

Over the past decade, we’ve seen an almost complete change in corporate
mailboxes from on-premises mail servers to cloud services like Exchange
Online (Office 365) or Gmail for business (Google Apps).

We have analyzed how to regain control of the email client,
through multi-platform, actively developed and open source projects:


SpamStop is a spam filter that does not require any installation
because it is an online service that makes use of the domain’s MX record.

It only accepts messages from your pre-approved contacts:
just the emails coming from the authorized senders will reach your mailbox.

For more information:

The topic was originally the API interfaces for emails.
Then it changed in the email clients, something I had worked on before.

I was looking for a webmail solution
that did not require high skills to operate.

After a few attempts with Cypht and Nextcloud on Docker,
I finally got to the updated version of Rainloop,
which simply required a web server with php 7.3, nothing more.

Here you can learn more about it: