dmarc reports - 1

Dmarc is important both for email delivery and spoofing protection, see:
How dmarc works with Google Mail and Office 365 in 2020

I’m going to tell it to the customers, but I don’t want to oblige them to use a dmarc analysis service.
After a research on Github I’ve found this application: dmarc-report-converter.

It has a clean interface and it’s quite easy to setup.
Now it’s installed and available on all RealSender dedicated smtp servers.

Two more technical steps are missing to collect and analyse the dmarc rua(*) reports:
1. each customer will need a dmarc-dedicated mailbox that will receive the reports
2. RealSender will have to download the email messages on a regular basis

* = rua meaning:
Reporting URI(s) for aggregate data. 

The rua address is the email address to which aggregate reports are sent
by domains that have received mail claiming to be from your domain.
The report is in XML, contained in a zip file.
- - Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC)

There is still work to be done.