it can be done!

[…] after finishing it, he exclaims, “It can be done!” […]
– Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein‎ (1974)

“You need to be slightly ashamed of the thing that you’re shipping,
because if you’re not, then you’ve probably gone a little bit too far.”
From Two Failed Startups to $10,000,000 in Revenue with David Darmanin

Well, maybe it won’t be perfect but now I’m sure it can be done.

The original python application to extract the csv file from Maildir files had to be rebuilt.
This is what Paul (the super-developer) wrote about it:

"After a fair bit of trial and error, I found a few possible reasons for the errors in the python script (the errors are actually happening in the Python library rather than the script)."

"[...] I went ahead and wrote the script in Perl [...]. The Perl library for reading Mailbox files has been around a long time and is the standard for email processing - Python libraries are rarely used in this context."

With all the respect to the great Mailpile project, I experienced a great satisfaction clearing it from the procedures and from the servers. Doublebackup does not need an email client and now everything’s easier to understand and manage.

Today the transfer of domain has finished. I bought it last week directly by its owner that did not use it. The interaction with the owner has been nice, he asked the fair price and did not try to speculate on it. I try to behave the same way but I don’t always succeed in doing it.